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The idea of Pidgin Quixote was inspired by a special pigeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. This bird had a unique style of approaching the females; he was very careful and patient, choosing the right moments to inch closer to a female beside him on a branch. Unlike common pigeons, he didn’t puff out his chest or chase her around, he simply gauged the situation and approached warmly and honestly which in the end landed him the lady! We have since drawn inspiration from this bird using him as a healthy reference point for authentic living. He is a constant reminder to take charge and live bravely in our own individual styles.

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Da PeckDeck™

mindfulness for birds and humans

A feather in your cap.. da coo way to wisen up… is card pickin’- pidgin style. Start by choosing a card to either inspire you for the day ahead or look deeper into a subject in your life…decide before you shuffle what subject or inspiration the card will represent for you.The card revealed becomes a response or a suggestion regarding the subject you chose. It will offer you a fresh perspective which could either challenge or confirm your thoughts. You can do this for other people as well, it’s a lot of fun. It can also be a fantastic conversation starter between two peeps or even a whole flock! For a more detailed experience, you can employ more cards, deciding in advance which ones will represent which subjects or inspirations.


Something to coo about as you strut along today…tap on the card to get da pidgin’s-eye view of your situation!

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Da PeckDeck™

order the real paper deck today!

Sold as a paper card deck here and also available for you too coo around with right here on this website. This Oracle-style card game that allows you to take the wisdom of da bird right into your daily lifestyle.

$29.99 USD, da bird can inhabit your very own home and be the best conversation starter you could have sitting on your cooffee table.


Pidgin Quixote, Pigeon, Pigeon Puns, PIDGIN TECHNICOOLITIES Home


Pidgin Quixote, Pigeon, Pigeon Puns, QUIXOTE WEB Home